Things To Do With Kids Mango Hills

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  • Beautiful and safe place for character birthday parties for lil kids! Mine loved the characters, slides and hoola hoops and I loved catching a chicken for the 1st time! Big area for eating and clean bathrooms.

    Heidi Bauer

    Super friendly and hilarious staff. Wonderful location. Streamlined service. Awesome covid guidelines.

    Would highly recommend for families, groups, parties, and really anyone who wants to visit a farm!

    Mrs. Berthoty

    Such a great venue to hold an event at and last night to honor our Purple Heart heroes with Soul Circus Cowboys was might of fun had by all.

    james esch
  • Possible and high probability we pick this for our ceremony. ITS A FARM on a beautiful plot of land.Rustic look meets budget with you. Family owned ALSO a good day with your children to see and touch some friendly animals

    Patrick Cotharin

    We had a great time for a 1st birthday party....location is beautiful an very clean ....thank you!

    snowdine Nadine

    The tour guide was very respectful she waited for everyone in the group to have a turn with the animals is she was very good with the children this is a really nice place if you want to just get out of the house for a little while with your kids or your family and just be able to interact with some really cool animals

    Jeff A
  • Just celebrated our daughter's birthday and they had a blast! Great staff & service! Thank you for helping make their birthdays special!

    Ryan Grzybek

    We had so much fun. So glad that they do tours and keep family's/ parties separate!!!

    Brenda Edick

    My company had our Christmas party here! It is a beautiful place! A nice gentleman showed us around as we arrived extra early. This place is perfect for an outdoor wedding or any kind of party! My only complaint is as the restrooms were only by the main office so it was a long walk to use the restroom. I want to go back during the day so I can see the beautiful lake behind the venue!

    paula hyde
  • Great time with the family!

    Tracy Bryant

    Beautiful place. Great for kids. Very educational too . My kids interacted with all the animals and the love it.

    Jesenia O. Morales

    Beautiful place for a wedding . The staff was great . The venue is on a lake with lots of trees. The reception area has lots of windows overlooking the lake . They even had a s'mores campfire at the very end

    Donna Schulz

Things To Do With Kids In Mango Hills

Instead of Wasting Your Time Searching Online for “Kids Activities Near Me”, Visit a Hillsborough County Gem: Old McMicky’s Farm!

Whether you’re looking for a unique birthday party idea for your little one, you want to spend a fun afternoon with the family, or you’re a teacher who wants to bring your students on a fun and educational field trip, instead of searching online for “kids activities near me”, head on over to Old McMicky’s Farm! Our open-air farm is fun for children of all ages! Learn how to milk a cow, pet baby animals, take a stroll along our Nature Trail or Lake Walk, pack a picnic lunch and eat under our shaded oak tree while taking in the view of our Pristine Crescent Lake; there are so many wonderful experiences to be had on our farm. If you’re looking for fun things to do with kids near you in Hillsborough County, plan a trip to one of the leading Mango Hills, FL things to do with kids: Old McMicky’s Farm!

Why is Old McMicky’s Farm One of the Most Popular Mango Hills, FL Things to Do with Kids?

There may be a lot of kids’ activities in Hillsborough County, but so many involve video games and movie screens, or they just cost an exorbitant amount of money. If you’re looking for things to do with kids near you that are easy, simple, stress-free, affordable, and bound to be tons of fun for people of all ages, Old McMicky’s Farm is just the place you’re looking for!

Why is Old McMicky’s Farm one of the most beloved outdoor activities for kids in Hillsborough County? Here’s a look at some great reasons why so many parents, educators, and childcare providers consider us one of the top Mango Hills, FL things to do with kids.

An Appreciation for Farming

Farming is the backbone of America; it’s what our nation was founded on. At Old McMicky’s Farm, we provide children with the opportunity to learn about the wonderful life of farming. They have the opportunity to interact with our oh-so-sweet farm animals, including goats, chickens, pigs, ride a pony, and they can even learn how to milk a cow! Keeping farming alive is crucial, and we’re honored to bring the wonder and joy of this time-honored tradition to the children of this generation – and the next!

An Appreciation for the Great Outdoors

Nowadays, it seems like people are spending less and less time outside and more time tucked away indoors. Being outside provides so many wonderful benefits, and at Old McMicky’s Farm, you and your kids will have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the great outdoors! Soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh air, interact with animals, work with the earth, and enjoy the simpler things that life has to offer.

Take a Break from Screens

Technology has its place and can certainly be beneficial, but in today’s day and age, kids are spending more time on screens than ever before. Between video games, television, and remote learning, many kids are on screens more than they’re off them. Turn the devices off and head over to McMicky’s Farm! There are so many activities to do on our farm and your kiddos will be so immersed that they’ll completely forget about their technology.

Gain a Sense of Independence

Providing children with opportunities to gain a sense of independence is so crucial for their development, but there aren’t a lot of kids activities near you in Hillsborough County that promote a sense of independence. That’s not the case at Old McMicky’s Farm! The activities at our farm help to foster the self-reliance and self-determination that children need to grow and become successful adults. From learning how to milk cows to feeding chickens, your kids will have the chance to engage in activities that promote higher-level thinking and encourage the use and application of problem-solving skills, which will encourage them to come into their own.

Tons of Fun and Memories to Last a Lifetime

There’s no shortage of things to do with kids in Mango Hills, FL at Old McMicky’s Farm. Activities abound at our open-air farm; in fact, there’s something to do around every corner. Some of the things that your kiddos will be able to partake in at our farm include:

  • Riding a pony
  • Milking a cow
  • Feeding chickens, goats, and rabbits
  • Interactions with baby animals in our baby barn
  • Strolls along our Nature Trail and Lake Walk
  • Child-appropriate and engaging activities at our Education Station
  • Picnic dining on your own picnic lunch underneath our beautiful shaded oak tree while overlooking our Pristine Crescent Lake

You’re welcomed to stop by any time and enjoy a few hours or an entire day with family and friends, you can organize a field trip for your students, or host a one-of-a-kind birthday party on our farm. No matter how you spend time with us or how long you stay, you can rest assured that everyone will have tons of fun and that memories to last a lifetime will be made at Old McMicky’s Farm.

Looking for Things to Do with Kids Near You in Hillsborough County?

With so many incredible things to offer, it’s no wonder why Old McMicky’s Farm is one of the most popular Mango Hills, FL things to do with kids. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do with your little ones on a weekend or after school, you’re a homeschooler and you want to plan an educational field trip, or you want to host a one-of-a-kind birthday celebration for your little one, instead of searching online for “kids activities near me” or “kid friendly activities near me”, stop on by our spacious, open-air farm, where everyone is guaranteed to have a great time. To learn more about our farm, to make arrangements for a field trip, or to book a birthday party, give us a call at 813-920-1948 or visit us online at https://oldmcmickys.com.

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