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Why a Day at the Farm is One of the Most Fun Things to Do with Kids Near You in Pinellas County

Are you on the search for kids’ activities near you? Have you been less-than-impressed by the options you’ve found? While there may be a lot of things for kids to do in the area, most of them are ho-hum, expensive, and other than being something to keep the kids busy, offer very little benefit. If you’re looking for fun, educational, and affordable kid-friendly activities near you, head on over to Old McMicky’s Farm! Hailed as one of the best Feather Sound, FL things to do with kids by parents, educators, and childcare givers throughout the Pinellas County area, we’re committed to providing children of all ages with engaging, informative, and entertaining activities while promoting an appreciation of farming, all while making great memories along the way.

Looking for Feather Sound, FL Things to Do with Kids? Head to the Farm!

If you’re looking for things to do with the kids near you, you’ll find no shortage of activities, that’s true; however, if you’re trying to find a unique experience that’s fun for all ages, you should really consider planning a trip to a farm.

Farms are the backbone of the country. They’re also magical places for kids. The big vehicles, the friendly animals, the freshly grown fruits and vegetables, the fresh air, the wide-open spaces; farms are places where kids can get back to basics and just be kids. Pony rides, milking cows, feeding animals; there are plenty of things for kids to do at a farm. That’s why, if you’re trying to think of fun things to do with kids near you in Pinellas County, a farm should definitely be on your list. Here’s a look at just some of the reasons why.

It’s Educational

Believe it or not, kids can learn at a Pinellas County farm. They can learn how many of the foods they eat are planted, grown, and sown. They can interact with and discover the habits of various types of animals – many of which they may have never interacted with before. Spending time on a farm can even foster language development, teach basic math skills, and even encourage the use of problem-solving skills. A farm can be likened to a live, interactive classroom, where children of all ages can learn about the world around them and develop valuable life skills.

It’s Promotes Motor Skill Development

Motor skills are vital physical functions that allow for precise movement of muscles in order to perform a specific action. They’re purposeful movements that necessitate the ability to sense or feel what the muscles are doing and how they are moving as they perform a certain action. There are two types of motor skills: gross, which involves the use of the larger muscle groups to move the whole body, while fine motor skills involve the use of the smaller muscles of the hands to perform things like cutting with scissors, writing with a pencil, coloring with crayons, tying shoelaces, or even building with blocks.

During childhood, the gross and fine motor skills grow at a rapid rate, and they need to be properly strengthened in order for children to successfully perform the many tasks that these muscles provide. Spending time on a farm is an excellent way to foster the development of both groups of muscles and the skills that they are used for. Hopping, running, skipping, jumping, milking cows, picking up, and scattering chicken feed; there are so many ways that kids can develop their gross and fine motor muscles on a farm.

Spending Time Outside

Spending time outside is vital for a child’s overall health and well-being. Breathing in the fresh air, being exposed to dirt and animals, and soaking up the sun reduces anxiety and depression, strengthens the immune system, and promote positive cognitive and social/emotional development. In other words, spending time outside is a great way to boost a child’s overall mental, physical, and emotional health, and a farm gives children the opportunity to gain all of these benefits, which is why spending time on a farm is one of the most beneficial activities for kids.

Old McMicky’s Farm: One of the Top Feather Sound, FL Things to Do with Kids

If you’re looking for things to do with kids near you, stop by Old McMicky’s Farm! With so many advantages and so many things to do, it’s easy to see why we’re considered one of the best Feather Sound, FL things to do with kids. Whether you’re looking to spend a few hours with your family over the weekend, you’re planning a field trip for your students, or you are searching for a unique place to have your child’s birthday party, head to Old McMicky’s Farm. There’s no shortage of things for kids of all ages to do on our open-air farm and kids of all ages are bound to have an amazing experience and make memories that will last a lifetime. For more information about the activities and programs we offer or to plan a field trip or birthday celebration, give us a call at 813-920-1948 or check out our website at We look forward to seeing you on the farm!

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