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Things To Do With Kids In Drew Park

How to Find the Best Kid-Friendly Activities Near You in Hillsborough County

Are you a parent, teacher, or childcare giver? Are you looking for fun things to do with the kids near you? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Old McMicky’s Farm is one of the top Drew Park, FL things to do with kids in Hillsborough County. We’re proud to offer educational, fun-filled outdoor activities for kids of all ages, and acres of good, old-fashioned fun. From milking goats to riding ponies, and from feeding all types of animals to enjoying picnic lunches next to our pristine lake, there’s no shortage of kids activities, adventures, and fun to be had at Old McMicky’s Farm! If you’re looking for educational, entertaining, and affordable things to do with kids near you, stop on by our farm today!

Tips to Help You Find Great Kid-Friendly Activities Near You in Hillsborough County

Maybe you’re a parent who is looking to get the kids out of the house and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. Perhaps you’re a teacher who wants to plan an educational, yet entertaining field trip for your students. Maybe you’re a nanny and you’re trying to find something unique to do with the children you care for. Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking for kid-friendly activities near you in Hillsborough County, here are a few tips that you can use to help you find something that children of all ages (and adults, too) will enjoy doing.

Ask the People You Know

Start by asking the people you know if they can suggest any Drew Park, FL things to do with kids. Ask any of your friends, family members, teachers, or co-workers who are parents or who work with children if they have any recommendations for fun things to do with kids near you. Let them know what your kids are interested in, what kind of activities you’re looking for them to do, and maybe even how much you want to spend. The people you know are a good resource, as you can usually count on them to provide you with their honest opinions and accurate assessments about kid-friendly activities near you.

Research at Libraries, Schools, and Other Locations that Work with Children

Check with a local Hillsborough County library, stop by your children’s school, or inquire at childcare centers or any other organizations that work with kids to see if you can find out about fun activities for kids in the area. For example, most libraries compile lists of kids activities in the local area, and they may even offer free passes or coupons for discounted prices. Many schools will also have recommendations for kid-friendly activities near you; in fact, they may even be able to provide you with options that would tie into the topics that the children are currently working on as an extension activity so that you can provide them with hands-on, engaging activities that will foster a greater understanding of the curriculum.

Check at Local Restaurants, Pediatricians, and Pediatric Dentists

This is a less-obvious – but often very effective – way to find Drew Park, FL things to do with kids. Fast food restaurants, for example, often carry booklets or brochures that contain lists of kid’s activities, such as indoor play places, amusement parks, and outdoor kids activities. Many pediatricians and pediatric dentists also carry similar booklets and brochures, or they may even be able to offer you verbal recommendations about fun things to do with kids near you.

Check Online

The internet is a great tool that can be used to find pretty much anything you want, including Drew Park, FL things to do with kids. Just open up your preferred search engine, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, or DuckDuckGo, for example, type in simple phrases, such as “kids activities near me” or “fun things to do with kids near me”, hit enter, and you’ll be sure to find a long list of options to choose from. Indoor and outdoor play places, amusement parks, sporting events, plays, shows, farms, and various other types of facilities and events, are just a few examples of some of the places that offer activities for children in the Hillsborough County area.

Skim through the search results to see what piques your interests, visit the websites to see what they offer, and find out about pricing and hours of operations. If you have any questions, give the facilities that you’re interested in a call or send them an email. You could search for reviews of the different events or activities that you’re interested in to see what other parents, teachers, childcare providers, or anyone else who has used the facilities have to say about the experiences they had.

Looking for Fun, Entertaining Kid-Friendly Activities Near You in Hillsborough County?

When you’re looking for Drew Park, FL things to do with kids, make sure you include McMicky’s Farm on your list of places to consider! Our open-air farm offers a variety of fun, engaging, educational, and affordable outdoor activities for kids, and is one of the most beloved locations for children in the Hillsborough County area. Whether you’re looking for something to do with your family for the day, you want to plan a field trip for your students, or you’re trying to find a unique place to host a birthday party, you can count on us to meet all of your needs and provide your kiddos with an amazing, memorable time. For more information, to schedule a field trip, or to book a party, give us a call at 813-920-1948 or visit us online at today. We’re looking forward to seeing you down on the farm!

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