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Things To Do With Kids In Dade City

The Value of Pasco County Outdoor Activities for Kids

Old McMicky’s Farm is one of the most popular Dade City, FL things to do with kids. Our property, a part of the famous Camp Keystone, the oldest continuously inhabited camp in the state of Florida, has been a staple in the Pasco County for more than 65 years. We’re committed to providing entertaining, engaging, and educational kids activities, and we’re thrilled to see the smiles we bring to the faces of the thousands of children who come to our open-air farm each year. Milking cows, pony rides, feeding and interacting with all types of farm animals, nature walks, and strolls along a pristine lake; there’s no shortage of awesome outdoor activities for kids to enjoy on our farm. Whether you’re looking for a unique place to host a birthday celebration, you want to plan a field trip for your students, or you just want to have a fun-filled day with your family, if you’re looking for kid-friendly activities near you, stop on by our farm and find out why McMicky’s Farm is the first place Pasco County families, educators, and childcare providers choose when they’re looking for fun things to do with kids near you.

The Many Benefits of Pasco County Outdoor Activities for Kids

Are you looking for kids activities near you? If so, you’ll find no shortage of options to choose from; just do a search online for “things to do with kids near me” and you’re bound to find tons of things to do. However, a lot of those activities are inside; indoor play places, such as bounce houses or trampoline parks, or movie theaters, for example. While indoor activities certainly have their place – when it’s raining or the temperatures are soaring, for example – and they can be a lot of fun, if you really want to give your children a great experience, instead of always choosing indoor activities, consider looking for outdoor activities for kids, instead.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest benefits of outdoor activities for kids and why you should try to get your kids outside as often as you can.


Just like flowers, trees, grass, and animals, humans need sun exposure. It’s vital, as sunshine helps the body produce vitamin D, a vitamin that plays a critical role in so many key bodily processes, including bone and muscle development and strengthening of the immune system; it even helps to reduce the risk of depression, promotes better sleep, and enhances the mood. If you want to make sure that your children can take advantage of all of the benefits that sunshine provides, engage them in outdoor activities for kids. Just remember to apply sun protection to prevent sunburns!

Physical Exercise

Children grow at a rapid rate. During childhood, the body develops and the bones and muscles are developing at such a rapid rate, and exercise is vital, as it supports proper growth and development. Providing your little ones with ample outdoor activities for kids is an excellent way to ensure that they’re getting the exercise they need. Climbing, hopping, skipping, jumping, running; there are so many ways that children work out and develop their muscles and bones when they’re outdoors.

Motor Skill Development

Playing outside also encourages motor skill development, which is crucial for children of all ages. Motor skills refer to the functions that the body performs that involve the precise movement of key muscles for the purpose of performing a particular action. There are two types of motor skills: gross, which refers to actions that require the use of large muscles, and fine, which involves the small muscles of the hands. Playing outside offers children plenty of opportunities to use and strengthen their motor skills. For example, when they’re running, they’re working out the large muscle groups in their legs, and when they’re climbing, they’re using the large muscles in their arms and legs, as well as the small muscles in their hands. Proper motor skill development will help to ensure agility, balance, and dexterity – among other vital functions – in your child.


As a parent, you want to protect your children as much as possible; however, it’s important to remember that it’s important for kids to be exposed to some degree of risk. When children are exposed to risks, they learn how to develop and apply problem-solving skills, higher-level thinking, and they figure out how to react and manage difficult situations. By letting your kids get outside and explore Pasco County (even if you’re close by, but not hovering), you’ll be giving them the chance to take risks and gain all of the vital developmental benefits that are associated with risk-taking.

An Appreciation for Nature

Last, but certainly not least, outdoor activities for kids promote an appreciation for nature and a love of the outdoors in children. Digging their hands in the soil, feeling the ground underneath their bare feet, watching flowers grow and breathing in their aromatic scent, interactions with various types of animals, taking in the sunrise or sunset; these are just some of the incredible interactions with nature that your children will be able to have when you encourage them to participate in Pasco County outdoor activities for kids.

For the Best Outdoor Activities for Kids in Pasco County, Head to Old McMicky’s Farm

There’s no denying that outdoor activities for kids offer so many benefits. If you’re looking for something entertaining, engaging, and educational that your children can do in Pasco County, head to one of the most popular Dade City, FL things to do with kids: Old McMicky’s Farm. To find out more about our open-air farm, the activities we offer, and our hours of operation, give us a call at 813-920-1948 or visit us online at We’re looking forward to seeing you on the farm!

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