Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation

Thank you for your donated item(s). Old McMickys Farm Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3). Documentation of your donation will be sent to you for tax purposes.

For your convenience, please supply the info below and email us a picture of your donated item(s) to office@oldmcmickys.com

All winners will be emailed a certificate at time of winning. No items will need to be mailed. Will you be providing a certificate or would you like Old McMicky’s to create a certificate for you?

13 + 9 =

Thank you very much for your donated item(s) and for your support.

To help us recognize and support your business and your generosity, please email us a picture of your item(s) to office@oldmcmickys.com

If you have any questions please email us at office@oldmcmickys.com


Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation

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