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Old McMicky’s Farm is honored to announce “Mission I Do”, a $25,000 All-Inclusive Dream Wedding Gift to an active duty military member or Veteran in the Tampa Bay Area, sponsored by Old McMicky’s Farm and generous Bay Area Businesses. This gift is in appreciation for the sacrifice of the men and women who currently serve or who have served in our military. Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your service to our country.

Old McMicky’s Farm wishes to extend a special thank you to the generous
“Mission I Do” sponsors and partners.

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Paige Haynes & Justin Gaertner
After retirement Cpl. Gaertner worked for Homeland Security Investigations. While working in Tampa, Justin frequently went to lunch at Bar Louie with other Special Agents. After a year of trying to connect, Justin then started going to the restaurant on the weekends just to catch a glimpse of this b-e-a-utiful woman. They exchanged numbers and the following Monday Paige spent the Marine Corps Birthday with Justin at his house and she's never left. Paige coming from a small town in Kentucky, has always dreamed of a Barn wedding. To this day, this is the only venue, we have considered and fell in love with. We have both been so fortunate in life and blessed by those who surround us. This would be our DREAM I Do! Some dream of getting married at Disney, & some just want a Barn, a Lake, and good company!
Nicole Kennedy & Jacob Woods
We are a giving, hard-working couple that is looking forward to the wedding of our dreams. Jake has served our great country for almost 8 years now, going on multiple deployments (leaving me to proudly take care of the homefront) out to sea conducting dangerous drug busts to keep millions of dollars worth of illegal drugs out of our Nation. I am a 2nd grade teacher, have grown up in Odessa, had a birthday party at Old McMickey's Farm in Elementary school, have many childhood memories there and have been on several field trips there as an adult with my students. If you are looking for a down home, all-American, proud of our country, proud of our military, proud of my Coastie, fly the Coast Guard flag in my classroom, kind of couple to marry at your beautiful venue, you are looking for us. Thank you!
Nicole Bruce & Justin Bruce
Justin and I met in 2011 while he worked at a grocery store. Since then, we have known we've wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Through being apart his entire career, after an 11-month tour in Afghanistan and 2 years in Japan, I was reunited with him in November after 2.5 years of being apart. In December, we decided to get married, as we did not want to be apart anymore. However, we had a quick and small wedding, just with our parents. I would love to have a large wedding, so our relatives can fly down and join us. Justin deserves so much, and I want to give him everything in the world. After being in Afghanistan, losing many friends, and struggling through the hardships of being apart and see many other things the military involves, he deserves a huge and wonderful celebration- one we will never forget. Thank you for this opportunity and God bless you. A veteran or active duty member will be very happy!
Brooke King & Keith Hutcheson
Both combat Veterans and disabled Veterans, Brooke and Keith met through the off chance that for once in their life maybe a fellow veteran would understand and love them for both their service and the wounds that multiple deployments have left them with. Though every couple has their ups and downs, Brooke and Keith have weathered through the physical and emotional demands that any couple must preserve through, and yet, their bond through military service, as unique as it is, has given them the strength and the love that will make their love last forever. Though we know there are many deserving couples, we would love the chance to have the wedding we will never be able to afford. Being both disabled Veterans has proven challenging throughout our relationship, but it has made us more united. Circumstances has hindered us from marrying sooner; the Pasco wildfire, becoming full time parents, and the ability to have a wedding location that will accommodate Brooke's service dog, Jack.
Myisha Wallace & Gregory Wallace
In 2001, my husband started a rumor around our 6th grade class that I dated him. I embarrassed him in front of the entire class by yelling, "I would never date you!" In 2011, I married my husband at the courthouse after dating for 4 months. He had just returned from deployment in Afghanistan. In 2012, he adopted my 2 year old daughter from a previous relationship. We have two additional beautiful children together. We know that God led us to be together, because we still look at one another and laugh about what we thought would never be. I have been planning my wedding that I never had for about 3 years now, yet either finances or deployments have gotten in the way. Cliche I'm sure, but this would be a dream come true. Its so funny that this opportunity has presented itself, because I always said year 7 would be my year that I finally get my dream wedding. Thank you for the opportunity and the fact that I have something to hope for!
Amanda Harvey & Dennis Quinn
We dated all throughout high school. But our relationship ended when Dennis decided to join the US Marine Corp. Two short months following his departure I decided to join the Army on a whim. Although we were no longer together we stayed close friends. We wrote each other through basic training. We also wrote each other during Dennis's 6-month tour to Afghanistan and through my 13-month tour to Iraq. We never let more than 2 months time pass without reaching out to one another. At about 4 years of service we both honorably discharged from the armed service. Dennis is my Best Friend, my marine and my soul mate. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Our love is rare. It grew from pain, suffering, through distance and deserts. Our love is sure to out live the ages. It would mean the world to us if you would help us make our special day something to remember. A fairy tales wedding is financially not in the cards for us. This opportunity would be the blessing of a life time.
Sheila & Jason Jones
I have been active duty since 2008. I had the honor of serving our country in Afghanistan in 2012, where our story begins. Through a mutual friend, I met Jason. We became very good friends and we made many life long friends during our time there. The events that occurred and things we saw made us stronger people. It's a bond that cannot be broken and an understanding that we all share. I left Afghanistan in June. All of us did, except Jason. He was there alone, struggling without the support of his friends. His first week back he booked a flight to visit me at my base. We married the next month, August 30, 2012. We dated one month and married the next. People asked "Don't you think you're moving fast?" Our answer is "YES!" It wasn't by chance that we share so many of the same beliefs and were in Afghanistan at the same time. Jason deployed again in May and our daughter was born in October. What a great 5th anniversary gift it would be to slow down and have a real wedding to celebrate our life together with our friends and family!
Kayla & Giovanni Perez
In April 2012, we found out we were expecting our first child so we ran off to the court house to get married. At the time my husband was in the Army National Guard. Nine months after we had our first child we found out we were expecting another baby! Nine months later I got pregnant again! We decided that when we hit our 5-year anniversary and we were done having babies we would have a "real" wedding so that my dad could walk me down the aisle. Well, February last year our third baby passed away in the middle of the night. This year is our 5-year anniversary and my husband is overseas in the Middle East and won't return till after our anniversary. We’ve always wanted a "real" wedding but life keeps happening and our dream wedding also keeps getting pushed farther. Right now, it looks like it's never going to happen.


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Old McMicky’s Farm wishes to extend a special thank you to the generous “Mission I Do” sponsors and partners.