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The Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Snows Corner, FL

There are many places to host a birthday party with kids activities in Snows Corner, FL. However, if you want to have your kid’s party somewhere unique and fun, make sure that you reach out to Old McMicky’s Farm. Our farm is the best place to have a kid’s party today.

When you have a party with us, you gain access to all sorts of fun features. All you have to do is bring the cake- we handle the rest! Here’s what you can expect from one of our Hillsborough kids’ parties.

Have Cake at Our Picnic Tables

First, you’ll want to know where to celebrate your little one’s big day. There are plenty of picnic areas around the farm. We recommend that you enjoy your cake at one of our picnic tables. They’re all in the shade, so you should be comfortable. Plus, you’ll have a wonderful, scenic view of the Crescent Lake.

After enjoying your cake, you should come and have fun with the animals! Children love farm animals, so this should be a unique and memorable experience for them. You can also enjoy cake in our air conditioned barn, if that option is better for you.

What Your Party Includes

When you host a kid’s birthday party at our farm, you receive plenty of unique benefits. First, your group receives their own birthday guide. That way, you can experience everything that the farm has to offer. They’ll take you on a private guided farm tour- which is a fun time for everyone!

Plus, we’ll also offer pizza, a drink, and snacks for each guest. Plus, the birthday child receives presents from our farm! They will get:

  • A stuffed animal
  • A farm t-shirt
  • A hat
  • And a bandana

Our special birthday guide will make sure that your young one feels special as they tour the farm! If you want to schedule in advance, make sure to call us. However, we also take birthday walk-ins- making us a much better option than any venue you find through searching “kids birthday party places in Hillsborough” online.

Guided Education Tour With a Private Guide

Many parents appreciate having a private guide for their kid’s birthday party. This feature allows everyone to get familiar with the guide- making the experience much more personal for your loved ones. Your group will get to milk a cow, ride a pony, and pet several different types of barn animals. Plus, you can check out the Baby Barn and have plenty of other hands-on experiences with the animals.

The educational tour teaches children a lot. Many kids today don’t have many experiences with animals close-up. However, our farm offers many opportunities for them to touch and learn about the farm animals.

Nature Trail and Lake Walks

Plus, your personal tour guide will take you on the Nature Trail and Lake Walk. This experience is fun for kids, since it allows them to learn about the world around them in Hillsborough. There are plenty of unique plants and animals in Snows Corner, FL.

These options are some of our most popular kids activities. We’re confident that your child will have an extra special time here on their birthday. Our private tour guide will ensure the experience is fun and educational for your entire group.

Overall, if your child is curious about nature, then learning about the local plants and animals will be a fun time for them!

A Memorable Experience

Many kids remember their birthday parties for a long time. By having your party at our farm, you’re ensuring that your child has a happy memory to look back on. We have kids coming back to the farm all the time- they’re each excited to see a particular animal that they remember from their last visit with us.

Overall, your child is sure to have a magical time with our animals. So, instead of looking up kids birthday party places online, make sure to book with us! You’ll be providing your young one with an unforgettable experience, right in Snows Corner, FL. 

Why Have Your Kid’s Party With Us

There are plenty of reasons to choose us! We’re one of the best kids birthday party places in Snows Corner, FL. Our team provides many wonderful, educational kids activities for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Your child will get to milk a cow- which is an experience that many kids can get anywhere else in the area today. They will even get to learn about nature and practice new skills by riding a pony. If you want to offer your child a fun, unique, and unforgettable experience, you should schedule your party with us today.

Our team is organized and friendly. You’ll feel comfortable as we bring you through all of the tours. At the end of the day, our main goal is to offer your birthday boy or girl the best day ever.

Yes, We Take Walk-ins!

Finally, if you need a last minute plan for your child’s birthday party, we can handle walk-ins. All you need to do is bring the birthday cake for your party. We handle the food and entertainment for you.

That way, it’s easy for you to set up a perfect day with us. We want to take all of the stress off of your shoulders, so you can enjoy having fun with your little one. This benefit will make the experience much more enjoyable for your child as well.

Contact Us Today!

Our staff love hosting birthday parties! We have plenty of kids activities available and are one of the best kids birthday party places around Hillsborough. We offer you plenty of benefits, fun, and food for having your party at our farm.

Plus, all the kids in your group are sure to have a lovely time on the farm! The offer offers plenty of unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. Make sure to call us at 813-920-1948 or continue browsing through our website to learn more.

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