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Kids Activities In Harbor Bluffs

Kids Activities Outdoors in Harbor Bluffs, FL

Are you looking for the best kids activities in Harbor Bluffs, FL? If so, make sure to stick around! Old McMicky’s Farm has some of the best outdoors activities in Pinellas. Our experience offers a fun, exciting way for young kids to spend the day outside.

All of our activities take place outside. If you have any questions about what we can do for you, make sure to call us at 813-920-1948. Our staff will make sure to assist you as best they can. We also take walk-ins, so you don’t have to worry about making an appointment to visit the farm.

Visit the Outdoor Petting Zoo

Our biggest attraction at the farm is the outside petting zoo. Your kids will get to pet cows, goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and more! Today, many kids don’t get to see farm animals up close, making the petting zoo a positive experience for many young children.

The petting zoo kids activities are very hands-on as well, allowing your kids to learn in an environment that’s comfortable for them. Our team members provide plenty of learning opportunities and focus on offering education wherever they can.

So, if your child wants to learn about farm animals, the petting zoo would be the perfect option for them! These kids activities are outdoors too, helping your child to get the sunshine and fresh air that they need.

Take Our Farm Tour

You also might be interested in our farm tour. Your child will get to milk cows, ride ponies, and more- all outside! This tour is perfect for teaching your child new skills, all while they get a nice breath of fresh air outside.

The farm tour is another of our popular kids activities outdoors. Your child will get to interact with farm animals, potentially offering them a new learning experience. 

What You Do on the Farm Tour

Our farm tour is the perfect, educational, and hands-on experience for kids. Many have never even seen a cow up close, let alone had the opportunity to milk one. By opening up our farm to children, we get to provide kids with this unique learning experience.

Next, many kids love riding the ponies. Our tour guide will assist your child every step of the way as they learn this new skill. Riding ponies also helps to build your child’s muscles, making it a healthy, outdoor activity for them to try out.

Finally, your child will get to meet many farm animals. If they haven’t seen chickens, goats, or rabbits up close, this will be the perfect chance for them to do so. You are free to join your child during these activities, so you can experience everything right alongside them!

We’ve had many parents tell our staff about how much their kids enjoyed the farm tours. If you want to create a pleasant memory for your young ones, make sure to bring them to the farm soon! All young kids love animals, so we’re confident that they’ll have an amazing time interacting with ours.

Visit the Nature Trail

Next, the Nature Trail is one of our newest outdoor activities. Your child will get to walk along the farm trails, enjoying the sights and learning about Pinellas wildlife. This experience is educational and takes place outside, creating the perfect learning environment for young children. Plus, kids of all ages can go on the walk.

The Nature Trail is fun and allows your young ones to feel a deeper connection to nature. They’ll love learning about local flowers, trees, and other plants. Plus, kids are always curious about the wildlife they see on the trails.

This hike is the perfect opportunity for your children to learn about the world around them. If you want your child to enjoy nature and the outdoors more, this tour would be the first step in making them more curious about their environment.

Harbor Bluffs, FL is a beautiful area. We are confident that your kids will have a blast listening and interacting with the tour guides.

Take a Lake Walk

Our Lake Walk is also another fun, outdoor option for kids. They’ll get to learn about the lake’s ecosystem and everything that lives there. The walk up to the lake is very fun for kids and they’ll be sure to enjoy this time outside!

Our tour guides focus on providing kids with an educational experience, no matter which kids activities you choose to participate in. The Lake Walk is excellent exercise and the tour guides will teach your children during the walk over. There are plenty of benefits to taking this tour!

Overall, the Lake Walk is another of our most popular kids activities in the outdoors. Kids love everything about this trip!

Enjoy the Farm Property

The farm is on a beautiful property. Your kids will have a fun time exploring the farm area. There are many wonderful sights to be found! You can check out the Baby Barn or even settle down at the picnic tables for lunch.

Overall, the scenery here in Harbor Bluffs, FL is absolutely beautiful. Any child will love spending time outside at the farm. We often have parents tell us that their children had a fantastic time at the farm- they can’t wait to come back and see all the sights over again.

Final Thoughts

Getting your kids outside is important. The sun and fresh air is good for them, but sometimes it can be hard to get them outdoors. Next time you’re searching for kids activities that take place outside, make sure to visit the farm!

Our Pinellas farm is beautiful and large. Your child will enjoy the petting zoo, the farm tour, and all of our nature walks. Plus, we’re confident that they’ll also love being outside on the property. It’s truly stunning and you’ll have a lot of fun exploring with them.

So, if you live in Harbor Bluffs, FL, make sure to visit us today! Our farm accepts walk-ins, so you won’t have to schedule with us beforehand. 

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