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Kids Activities Near Me in Erin Arbor, FL

Do you often find yourself searching “kids activities near me”, but never find anything meaningful to do? Instead, make sure to visit Old McMicky’s Farm. Our farm has many amazing experiences to offer you and your kids!

If you live in the Hillsborough area, you’ll be happy to know that we’re not a far drive away. Your child can enjoy petting the animals, walking the trail, and learning about wildlife in Hillsborough. We’re proud to serve the Erin Arbor, FL community and do our best to provide a fun experience for all the kids who stop by. 

Why Bring Your Kids to the Farm

Are you wondering why you should bring your young ones to the farm? We have a wide variety of kids activities here for them to try. Each activity provides a learning experience and provides your children with new skills. For example, they can learn how to milk cows or ride ponies on the farm. Plus, they’ll get to interact with all of our animals.

So, next time you catch yourself searching “fund kids activities near me in Erin Arbor, FL”, come to us instead! Our team at Old McMicky’s Farm will make them feel right at home. Here’s all the reasons why you should bring your kids to our farm:

We Offer Many Unique Learning Experiences

Our team will offer your child many unique learning experiences. They will learn how to milk cows, ride ponies, and take care of farm animals during their visit. These experiences are hard to find in many areas today. Your child will be sure to love and appreciate the opportunity to closely interact with the farm animals.

Today, seven out of ten people have never milked a cow or touched a farm animal. If you want to offer something completely new to your young ones, make sure to bring them to one of our many farm tours. All the kids who have visited are fascinated with the animals and absolutely love petting them.

Additionally, they’ll learn about nature in Erin Arbor, FL as well. We offer nature hikes, where you’ll learn about plants and animals local to the area. Plus, we also offer a lake walk and the Education Station. 

Children are naturally curious and love learning about the world around them. By stopping by the farm, they’re sure to learn some new skills and new information about animals. We offer plenty of kids activities, so you’re sure to find something that your little one is interested in.

Finally, children of all ages can enjoy everything we have to offer on the farm. Even the youngest children get excited about petting farm animals!

It’s a Great Family Experience

Our farm is the perfect family experience. You’ll get to spend the day together, learn about Hillsborough wildlife, interact with farm animals, and more. You get to participate in all of these events as a family, making for wonderful memories.

Children really love coming to the farm. There’s so much for them to explore and learn. We offer the best kids activities in the area, so why not make a family day out of your visit? Many kids who’ve come here with their families bring up the day again and again as a happy memory.

We recommend that you pack lunch for a picnic by the lake. Kids have a lot of fun eating outside, so we make sure to provide many clean picnic areas for you to use. They are all in the shade of beautiful oak trees, with a stunning view of the lake.

Overall, if you want to have fun with the kids, be sure to visit the farm soon. None of the options you’ll find by searching “kids activities near me” will provide you with the fun, family friendly experience that we can!

We Give Back to the Community

Old McMicky’s Farm received a Special Commendation from the County Commissioners Board, recognizing the farm for being an outstanding venue in the community. This recognition shows that we offer many amazing experiences for kids living in Erin Arbor, FL.

Our farm also has many different children’s programs. For instance, the “1000 Kids” program allows us to host 1,000 kids who are struggling each year on our farm. The goal of the program is to get the kids out for a wonderful day at the farm, at no cost. We’ve hosted thousands of kids at Old McMicky’s Farm ever since we started this program back in 2013.

Overall, we are dedicated to serving the kids in the Hillsborough area. We want to provide them with a unique and fun learning experience on the farm. If you want to learn more about how we give back to the community or you want to participate in one of our programs, make sure to call us at 813-920-1948. We’d be happy to assist you.

We Love Teaching Kids

Finally, we realize that we have a unique position to teach children from. Kids today rarely get to have such hands-on learning experiences such as milking a cow. During all of our kids activities, our team makes sure to offer plenty of education.

All of our staff are very passionate about teaching kids new things. You’ll have a nice time too as you learn alongside them. Our staff are kind, caring, patient, and very diligent when it comes to the farm. You can be confident that our team is dedicated to teaching your children and providing them with a pleasant memory to look back on as adults.

Call Us Today!

If you’re interested in any of our kids activities, make sure to call us today at 813-920-1948. We offer some of the best events in the area and always make sure that every child has a wonderful time on the farm.

You can find all of our activities listed on our website. So, next time you want to search “kids activities near me”, head over to our main page instead! You’ll find many more meaningful activities for them to participate in.

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