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Fun Family Outdoor Activities

  • Beautiful and safe place for character birthday parties for lil kids! Mine loved the characters, slides and hoola hoops and I loved catching a chicken for the 1st time! Big area for eating and clean bathrooms.

    Heidi Bauer

    Super friendly and hilarious staff. Wonderful location. Streamlined service. Awesome covid guidelines.

    Would highly recommend for families, groups, parties, and really anyone who wants to visit a farm!

    Mrs. Berthoty

    Such a great venue to hold an event at and last night to honor our Purple Heart heroes with Soul Circus Cowboys was might of fun had by all.

    james esch
  • Possible and high probability we pick this for our ceremony. ITS A FARM on a beautiful plot of land.Rustic look meets budget with you. Family owned ALSO a good day with your children to see and touch some friendly animals

    Patrick Cotharin

    We had a great time for a 1st birthday party....location is beautiful an very clean ....thank you!

    snowdine Nadine

    The tour guide was very respectful she waited for everyone in the group to have a turn with the animals is she was very good with the children this is a really nice place if you want to just get out of the house for a little while with your kids or your family and just be able to interact with some really cool animals

    Jeff A
  • Just celebrated our daughter's birthday and they had a blast! Great staff & service! Thank you for helping make their birthdays special!

    Ryan Grzybek

    We had so much fun. So glad that they do tours and keep family's/ parties separate!!!

    Brenda Edick

    My company had our Christmas party here! It is a beautiful place! A nice gentleman showed us around as we arrived extra early. This place is perfect for an outdoor wedding or any kind of party! My only complaint is as the restrooms were only by the main office so it was a long walk to use the restroom. I want to go back during the day so I can see the beautiful lake behind the venue!

    paula hyde
  • Great time with the family!

    Tracy Bryant

    Beautiful place. Great for kids. Very educational too . My kids interacted with all the animals and the love it.

    Jesenia O. Morales

    Beautiful place for a wedding . The staff was great . The venue is on a lake with lots of trees. The reception area has lots of windows overlooking the lake . They even had a s'mores campfire at the very end

    Donna Schulz

Kids Activities In Beacon Square

Family Fun Near Me in Beacon Square, FL

Do you want to find some “family fun near me in Pasco”? Old McMicky’s Farm has all of the best kids activities in Beacon Square, FL. There are so many different experiences that you can find on the farm!

There’s something for everyone in your family at our farm. You can enjoy a farm tour, see the baby animals, and take a nature hike through our trail. No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to find something fun at the farm!

Your family will be sure to remember the day and all the fun you had together. Here’s what you should know about our farm:

Family Outings on the Farm

When you visit us, your family will have plenty of opportunities for hands-on kids activities. You’ll have many experiences here that your family is sure to remember forever. We welcome walk-ins, any size groups, and have picnic areas available for you to use.

Our guided farm tours are the most popular activity that we have to offer. One of our staff members will take you on the tour. As you explore the farm, you’ll:

  • Learn to milk cows
  • Ride a pony
  • See chickens, rabbits, goats, and more
  • Enjoy the Baby Barn

Many people today haven’t seen a farm animal up close. This interactive experience allows you to provide your family with something completely new. Many people love milking a cow for the first time- this hands-on experience is like nothing you’ll have done before! You and your family will learn new skills and grow an appreciation for farm animals during your visit.

Why Choose the Farm Tours

There are a few reasons why this tour is one of our most popular activities on the farm. First of all, the experience provides kids with many hands-on learning activities. If you have any kids in your family, you’ll want to come for the tour.

Your child will have fun learning to milk cows and petting all of the farm animals. Today’s kids don’t usually have the opportunity to see farm animals. By providing them with this unique experience, your family will get to learn new skills together.

The farm tour is also fun for the entire family. While not everyone might want to milk a cow, your family will be sure to enjoy the Baby Barn and petting zoo at Old McMicky’s Farm. Your family will see chickens, goats, rabbits, and more on the farm. Interacting with these animals is a new experience for so many people- your family is sure to love every minute of it.

Overall, the farm tours we offer are fun and educational. They provide a unique family experience for everyone. 

Experience the Nature Trail

Your family also will have plenty of fun hiking with one of our tour staff on the Nature Trail. This is one of our newer stations and it has a very educational experience to offer you and your family. 

On the trail, your family will learn about the native plants and animals that live with us here in Beacon Square, FL. Many of our guests said this activity was wonderful. They learned a lot, had fun exploring the trail, and felt more connected to the world around them.

If you live in Pasco, there’s a lot to learn about the natural wildlife in the area. Many families who took the tour recommend it and felt that it was a great bonding experience.

Take a Walk Around the Lake

Next, you can experience our Lake Walk activity. This walk focuses on the Crescent Lake on the farm property. Your family will get to learn about the unique ecosystem of the lake. Pasco has a wonderful environment, which everyone in your family will enjoy exploring.

So, next time you find yourself searching “family fun near me in Beacon Square, FL”, make sure to ask us about our Lake Walk! Many families bring a packed lunch with them, then eat at the picnic tables near the lake after the walk.

These picnic tables are kept in the shade, making them comfortable year round. Plus, you’ll also have a wonderful view of the lake as you enjoy your lunch. Many people feel that this is the perfect way to take a break after exploring the lake and farm property.

Visit the Education Station

Finally, your family can also visit the Education Station at the farm. This station provides your family with plenty of educational kids activities. Your family will get to learn more about nature, farm crops, wild plants, and farm animals. If your child is interested in farm life, the Education Station should be on your list of fun things to do in the local area.

Our team is dedicated to providing you and your family with a wonderful, educational experience. If you’re in Beacon Square, FL, make sure to schedule with us! You’ll be sure to have a fun day full of happy memories on the farm.

Other Events on the Farm

Old McMicky’s Farm is always hosting unique events. You’ll want to visit our webpage or call us at 813-920-1948 to learn more. There are plenty of kids activities, but also events that older members of your family are sure to love!

Overall, we want to provide the Beacon Square, FL community with fun, educational experiences. 

Contact Us Today!

If you want to learn more about the events and activities we currently have on the farm, make sure that you call us today. We would love to hear from you and answer any questions that you might have.

Our farm tours are some of the most popular options that we have available. You’ll get to see plenty of farm animals, milk a cow, ride a pony, and see newborn farm animals in the Baby Barn. No matter what your family is interested in, we’re sure to have some options you’ll love!

So, make sure to contact us when you next find yourself searching for “family fun near me online”. Our team always has many kids activities available that you can enjoy with your entire family.

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