Child Adoption Match Day

Old McMicky’s Farm is very pleased to announce that we will be restarting our Child Adoption Match Days at the farm in coordination with Family Support Services. Family Support Services is the organization that coordinates Foster parents and Adoptive parents for children in need in our Tampa Bay area.

Match Days are a day when Foster children and prospective Adoptive parents are brought together to help create their Forever Family for the children and the parents. Everyone gets to go together on a guided farm tour.
The farm tours offer a beautiful, relaxed setting where the kids and the prospective parents can have a fun, interactive experience getting to know each other while enjoying all the Farm activities on a tour.

All children need and deserve a loving, safe, secure and encouraging family to grow up in, and to know they are deserving of being loved. Our goal is to help create as many Forever Families as we can for the kids and the prospective parents and for Florida Support Services.

Because of its nature, this is a private event. We thank you for your understanding.
But we do invite you to send your wonderful intentions that these children and parents find their Forever Family.

For the future, if you are interested in being a foster or adoptive parent, we encourage you to contact Family Support Services.
Phone – 727-418-0806
Email –

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