The Top Reasons Your Next Corporate Party Should be at a Barn Venue

The Top Reasons Your Next Corporate Party Should be at a Barn Venue

Are you planning a company event or picnic? Are you considering the advantages of a barn venue?

Recently, barns have been gaining in popularity as excellent forums for entertaining. And the rustic, cozy atmosphere is only one of the reasons.

Here’s why you should be thinking about hosting your next corporate get-together at a classic, naturally beautiful barn / farm.

1. Spacious

You may have limited space inside a catering hall or office. In a restaurant setting, your guests are limited to their tables, with the occasional trip up to the buffet for a chance to change up the mingling. However, in a barn, there’s plenty of room for employees to move around, change up their seating, or even participate in activities.

A larger space is essential during a time when is critical. Your events may need to limit their size unless you can find a venue large enough for folks to maintain a safe distance.

Barns offer a spacious atmosphere with natural ventilation that makes them the perfect place for gathering when germ spreading is a safety concern. Most also adhere to the highest sanitation standards.

2. Corporate Fun

Give your awards ceremony or dinner some extra personality by hosting it in a local barn. Some barn settings are ready to supply tables, chairs, and catering. Free parking may also be available.

Consider a barbecue buffet or candlelight dinner in a rustic setting with an elegant view. It provides an elegant, welcome change from run-of-the-mill catering halls.

Many corporate events can become boring as guests find themselves without any entertainment besides repetitive conversations.

However, Barn venues offer a variety of activities that bring co-workers together in a fun, team-building way. Consider barn activities like cornhole, hayrides, and even campfires!

If you’re planning a company event you want your co-workers to talk about for months to come, an elegant, homespun corporate party could be exactly what you’re looking for.

3. Built-in Entertainment

It can be difficult to plan unique things to do in a restaurant or catering hall. The size and layout mean your guests may be limited to dancing or chatting.

Barn events, however, shake things up. Your guests can play lawn games, enjoy a sky top lounge, or take group photos by the lake. Craft beer or wine tastings are right at home in a barn venue.

If you’re looking for a party that will bring your whole staff out and keeps them talking for months, a barn party could be the answer.

4. Versatility

Some restaurant settings are clearly created for only formal events, while many outdoor parties seem to call only for shorts and T-shirts.

With a barn party, however, folks can come dressed up or down and always feel comfortable. Barn events offer an excellent way to welcome guests who want to wear heels or sneakers, and everyone will feel comfortable.

5. Gorgeous Photos

Photo spots are limited in many indoor venues. However, with a farm, there’s no limit to the number of spots you can find for excellent photos.

While many barns are nicely air-conditioned, your guests may feel comfortable getting outside for some beautiful outdoor shots that capture the beauty of nature as well as the feel of the day.

Whether it’s a natural photo in front of your favorite tree, a gorgeous shot on the water, or an action pic of guests playing Jenga, you’ll get pictures you and your guests can cherish for years to come.

6. Peace and Quiet

Parties in urban settings can be exciting. Yet, some events call for a more peaceful atmosphere that allows guests to relax and get inspired by nature.

If you’re looking for a pleasant, pure setting for your next important event, consider a beautiful farm building.

Finding the Perfect Barn Venue

The perfect barn for your event needs to be one that comes highly recommended. Ask your friends and family for ideas, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Was the barn clean, attractive, and well-cared-for? Was the staff friendly and attentive? Was the food nicely prepared?

If you can’t get any personal recommendations, read online reviews and get an idea of what former customers are saying. Are many of them commenting on their memorable experience? Or is there a pattern of negative remarks?

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, call up prospective venues and ask for at least three references who you can speak to about their experience. This can give you even more confidence that you’re making the right decision.

Find out about the packages your barn offers, as well as what’s included. The least expensive option may not be your best choice if you’re going to have to pay for a lot of outside vendors to meet your event’s needs.

Are food and drinks included? How about bonding activities for employees? Will you need to pay extra for things like tables, chairs, and parking?

If your event is a day outing, make sure the barn is a reasonable driving distance for your guests.

Once you’ve spoken to managers and staff members, you should have a good idea of how well your event’s details will be handled. A professional team will reassure you that you’re making an excellent choice!

Keepin’ it Country

Booking a barn venue for your next event could be one of the best decisions you make. With a safe, spacious room and excellent entertainment options, a barn party will have your guests enjoying the time of their lives.

Don’t stop planning your barn event now. For a quality venue in your area, contact us today.

5 Reason to Plan a Farm Field Trip for Your Students

5 Reason to Plan a Farm Field Trip for Your Students

Teaching kids in a classroom is a challenge. Even if you can get your students to listen and pay attention, it’s always hard to get them to see how your lessons connect to the real world. Farm field trips are an unbeatable way to relate the subjects you’re teaching with the outside world. When visiting a farm, kids will learn how their experiences in math, science, and geography classes relate to a real-life career.

This article highlights 5 great reasons why your next school field trip should be to a farm.

1. For Hands-On Experience

One great reason to take kids on a farm field trip is because of the hands-on experience they’ll get. While schools do what they can to give kids practical experience, nothing can match the real experience you get from farm activities.

One complaint that children often have about their education is that what they learn doesn’t connect to the real world. A farm field trip gives students the chance to understand how they can apply the things they’ve learned to a real situation.

For example, kids can see their knowledge from biology classes put into practice when they see how an egg incubator works. They can also see real-world examples of mathematics in action when they look at things like the number of eggs laid by hens.

Many of the lessons that kids have to do in modern education are abstract and theoretical, so getting some real-world, hands-on experience is a great change of pace.

Hands-on experience is a great way to facilitate learning. Kids will engage with their studies more and ask the kinds of questions they would never think of in a classroom setting.

2. The Experience of Farm Staff Compliments That of Teachers

Another great thing about farm field trips is that the farm staff have a lot of practical knowledge to teach the kids. Teachers tend to have a lot of theoretical and abstract knowledge, but they lack experience putting that knowledge into practice.

With farm staff, it’s the exact opposite. This means that on a farm field trip, farm staff and teachers’ knowledge and expertise can synergize. This allows kids to “connect the dots” between the subjects they learn at school and how they can apply those subjects out in the “real world.”

A common complaint from school kids is that the things they learn in school do not apply to the “real world”. A farm trip could involve a lot of educational activities for kids that show them the real value of the skills they’ve learned.

If you want students to be successful, you must illustrate the link between what they learn in the classroom and post-school success. Students may become much more motivated to learn when they see first hand how they could put their knowledge into practice.

3. Studies Show Field Trips Increase Grades

The modern education system is very results-oriented. Parents, teachers, and the administration all want to see kids get the best grades possible. The good news is that a farm field trip could help your kids perform better.

Studies have shown that going on field trips is linked with better performance on tests. Kids all learn in different ways, but the teaching methods in a classroom only set up a certain kind of student for success.

Going on a field trip and relating the trip to subjects like math and science enables kids who don’t learn so well in a classroom to understand the material a little better.

After a class has gone on a field trip, you will likely find that certain students’ grades will noticeably improve.

4. Farm Field Trips Promote Appreciation of Nature

It’s well known that spending time in nature is good for both mental and physical health. It’s also a sad fact that many kids are almost totally disconnected from their relationship with nature.

Going on a field trip to a farm is a great way for kids to experience their connection with the natural world first-hand. For some students (particularly those from an inner-city), this kind of field trip might be their first chance to see animals like cows, pigs, and chickens.

A trip to a farm can facilitate the growth of a child’s sense of self, as they make sense of their relation to the wider natural world.

5. Students Learn More About the World of Work

One of the big issues with school is that it doesn’t really teach students what it’s like to make a living. When many kids graduate school and go into the world of work, they are shocked at how it all works.

Going on a field trip to a farm gives students the chance to experience how making a living really goes. Teaching children about the value of hard work in a classroom setting is all well and good, but it’s difficult to drive the message home.

When visiting a farm, students will experience what hard work is and how working hard can benefit you. A field trip to a farm is an excellent way to start a conversation with students about what sort of career they want to do when they finish school.

Book Your Trip Today

If you want to book a trip that your students won’t forget, you can’t go wrong with a farm field trip. A trip to a farm is a great way to apply your lessons to the real world and get your kids to think in new ways.

A farm trip is great for your students’ educational journey. It’s also a fun day for students and teachers alike. If you’re ready to book your farm field trip, look at our website for more information. We hope to see you and your students on the farm at some point in the future!

Barns & Beer Craft Beer Festival

Barns & Beer Craft Beer Festival

May 16. 2020
630pm – 10pm **VIP 530pm
Barns & Beer Craft Beer Festival
Benefiting the Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation
Come have fun with friends. Please Share / Invite.

Featuring Soul Circus Cowboys
Voted Best Country Band in Tampa Bay
Media Partners – iHeartMedia – US 103.5 – Tampa Bay Times

Special Honored Guests:
Tampa Bay Recipients of the Purple Heart Medal
( Awarded to Combat Wounded Veterans )
See prior ceremony

Come out to a beautiful, classic farm with a Beautiful, Brand New Barn set on a picturesque 40 acre lake. Enjoy over 100 of the best craft beers, wine and spirits with great entertainment, great food and friends. Do something new, different, and fun – and support a great cause.

Come on out for a great time and great cause. The previous Barns & Beer festivals were a huge success. Don’t miss this one.

We have gathered the best local beer making geniuses for your sampling pleasure. Awesome musical entertainment provided by Soul Circus Cowboys.

Come relax and enjoy this beautiful farm for a memorable evening.

Enjoy Fun Farm Games !!
Ride a Mechanical Bull ( $5 donation ), The Stricker Machine ( $5 donation ), Large Beer Pong, Antique cars, Great Photo Opportunities around the farm with friends, And more!

**Barns and Beer Queen – YES you’ve dreamed about it all your life.
Be crowned and have your picture taken as the Barns and Beer Queen.
Be the envy of all of your friends. Dreams do come true at the farm.
Every woman can receive a tiara and be crowned the Barns and Beer Queen with photo for a small donation to the foundation.

Food for sale – enjoy food from some of the areas best food trucks! Food not included with admission price.

Add to your enjoyment by knowing you are supporting Old McMicky’s Farm ( Camp Keystone ) – a 73 year tradition ( Est. 1946 ) dedicated to serving kids and families in our Tampa Bay community. Barns & Beer benefits the Old McMicky’s Farm Foundation, a registered 501©(3).

Don’t let the name fool you, Old McMicky’s is a newly rebuilt Farm with first-class amenities and conveniences, including brand new barn and air-conditioned and heated restrooms. Only 30 minutes from Downtown Tampa and 10 minutes from Carrollwood.

Ticket Prices & Package Deals:
Single Tickets:
PreSales General Admission: $45
PreSales VIP: $60
General Admission at the Door: $50
VIP at the Door: $65
See VIP Included features below.

Ticket Packages:
6-Pack of General Admission Tickets: $41 each (Must purchase 6 Tickets)
VIP Table of 8: $60 each (Must Purchase 8 Tickets – Includes 8 VIP Tickets & Reserved Table)
VIP Half Table of 4: $60 each (Must Purchase 4 Tickets – Includes 4 VIP Tickets and Reserved Table for 4)

All VIP tickets include special early access to enjoy the farm,
Private access to the lakeside Barn Terrace and Pine Room overlooking the farm, VIP only terrace, plus great complimentary food samplings from area restaurants and caterers.

Lots of flavors to choose from & enjoy!
Almost all samples are fresh draft!

2020 Selections to be announced.
Below are the awesome selections from last year – 2020 will be similar/even better.
3 Daughters – Beach Blonde, Orange Seltzer, Key Lime Cider & Dry Champagne Cider
Big Storm – Tropic Pressure, Bay Beer, Key Lime Shandy, Arcus IPA
Bold City – Duke’s Cold Nose, Mad Manatee & Killer Whale
Brew Bus – You’re My Boy Blue, Rollin’ Dirty, Tangerine Witt & Last Stop IPA
Coppertail – Free Drive, Independent, Unholy & Night Swim
Florida Ave – Passion of the Heights, Lager, Brown & IPA
Funky Buddha – Floridian, Hop Gun, Pineapple Beach & Vibin’
Green Bench – Sunshine City IPA, Postcard Pils, Honey Saison & Skyway Hazy IPA
Hidden Springs – ZFG, Bear Lasers, Orange Crush, Deja Moo
Motorworks – Pulp Fiction & V-Twin, Midnight Espresso & IPA
Six Ten – CBGB, Tent, Babble to the Nag, Mischievous Black
Swamp Head – Stump Knocker, Big Nose, Micanopy Moonbeam, Wild Night
Tampa Bay Brewing – Reef Donkey, Old Elephant Foot, Twisted Strawberry, Double Coast Lager,
Veza Sur – Spanglish & Mangolandia
Woodchuck – Pearsecco & Rose Cider

JJ Taylor
New Belgium Brewing – VooDoo Liquid Paradise & Mural
Escape Brewing Co. – Goofy Footed & The Other West Coast
Crooked Thumb Brewery – Brut IPA & Grapefruit Gose
Two Henry’s Brewing Co. – Strawberry Line Cider, Pineapple Cider, Harvest Gose Blueberry & Blueberry Vanilla Wheat
Terrapin Beer Co. – Luau Krunkles & Liquid Bliss
Shorts Brewing – Soft Parade Shandy & Mosa

Jan Stephenson Wines
American Freedom Distillery
Cueni Brewing Co.
Infusion Brewing Co of Trinity
Pasco’s Brewer Guild
Tonkas Taphouse Brewing
PRP Wine International
***Brewers & Selections subject to change

Here are just a few of the Foundation’s programs and organizations that your attendance helps to support:

“1000 Kids” Program – Each year, the farm’s “1000 Kids” Program has the goal of welcoming 1,000 kids in the Tampa Bay area who are facing mental, emotional and physical challenges to come out for a great day at the farm and enjoy amazing moments with animals and activities in an atmosphere of love and fun – no charge. To date we are pleased to have hosted over 6700 children in the program.

“Mission I Do” – Mission I do provides free all-inclusive weddings for veterans and now for active duty military. The “Mission I Do” Program has provided nine free Military weddings to date and been featured on both National television and in People Magazine.. Please visit

Title 1 and Renaissance Public School children.
In Hillsborough, Pasco & Pinellas counties the Title I and Renaissance Public School Program is designed to provide supplemental funds to school districts to assist schools with the highest student concentrations of poverty to meet school educational goals.
Old McMicky’s Farm is committed to creating a fun, memorable and educational day for as many children at these schools as possible. To do this, we subsidize all Title I and Renaissance schools/students attendance at the Farm.
To date, we are very glad to have hosted over 28,000 Title 1 and Renaissance Public School children.

Child Adoption Education and Support – over 450 potential adoptive parents recently attended the farms Child Adoption Education Day to learn about adoption and to help find more families for local children. The farm also holds Adoption Match days – 15 local children were matched with their Forever Family at our last two match days. Please visit

The following are some of the organizations and groups served by the Farm’s Foundation:
• The Children’s Home
• Metropolitan Ministries
• Eckerd Community Alternatives
• The Junior League of Tampa
• Heart Galleries
• Big Brothers Big Sisters
• Children’s Cancer Center
• Guardian Ad Litem
• Camelot Community Care
• Adoptive Related Services
• Hillsborough County Foster Care
• Pacso/Pinellas Foster Care
• Explorer K8
• Morning Star School
• Fit4Truth
• HOPE Camp
• Monarch House
• Lighthouse of Pinellas
• Sydney’s Academy
• Florida Autism Center of Excellence
• Homeless Emergency Project Learning Center
• Neurorestorative Clearwater Group
• Spinabifida Support Group
• Joshua House
• March of Dimes
• Hope Youth Ranch
• Champions for Children
• Fostering Youth of Florida
• A Reel Future
• Jackson in Action 83 Foundation

Although this event benefits children, this is an adult event. Must be 21 or over to enter. This event is rain or shine. All sales are final.

For brewery/winery participation and sponsorship opportunities please email

To learn more about old McMicky’s Farm community giving programs please visit:

Old McMicky’s Farm offers fun, hands-on, guided farm tours for groups and individuals, kids birthday parties, beautiful barn weddings, private parties and more!

For more information please visit:

Sign up to be notified about other great farm events and specials by joining our mailing list at:

Eric Piburn Birthday Party!

Eric Piburn Birthday Party!

Eric Piburn is inviting all of Tampa Bay out to Old McMicky’s Farm for his Birthday Party & Fundraiser. Come out and enjoy all of the fun activities, animals, food, drinks and cupcakes! This is a combination of a birthday party & fundraiser. Eric is in need of a heart and lung transplant and 100% of the proceeds go to directly to his family to help with medical expenses.
The Event is this Sunday, March 1, 2020, 2:00pm-6:00pm

To learn more about Old McMicky’s Farm please visit

Tons of fun with activity tables, crafts, special shows for children. Last year we had mermaids, pirates, Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office with horse mounted deputies, motor cycle deputies, special fly over, SWAT team and so much more join in on the fun! It’s going to be a beautiful day. Come out & have a great time!



We are so ecstatic to announce that our renovations are complete!!! ???‍♀️

Take a peek at the beauty of our newly renovated, air conditioned, lakefront venue now available to host your amazing dream wedding, corporate or private event, children’s birthday party and so much!

We’ve given new life to our historic barn! All of the finest materials went into building this custom barn with elaborately detailed accommodations & modern elegance. contact us now to schedule a private tour to start planning your Wedding, Corporate or Private Event, Children’s Birthday Party and More!

A huge thank you to one of our favorite Preferred Photographers Darin Crofton Photography for capturing these beautiful photos!

☎️Call us at (813) 486-2731 or ? email for Wedding Information and packages

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