A day at Old McMicky’s Farm isn’t just a day – it’s a sensational adventure where kids can reach out and connect with American farm animals. From thrilling hayrides and navigating the barn maze to trying their hand at milking a cow, the excitement is boundless!

But it’s not just about the fun – we’re big on education too. Our farm provides a diverse range of learning opportunities for families, groups, and school field trips. Get up close and personal with our farm animals, delve into their care routines, and develop a profound appreciation for the world of agriculture.

Old McMicky’s Farm is also part of Camp Keystone, a 76-year tradition in the Tampa Bay area since 1946. Our lakefront grounds have witnessed the laughter and love of countless kids and families over the generations.

Former campers and field trip visitors now bring their own children and grandchildren to experience the farm and even tie the knot at our gorgeous, newly remodeled wedding venues. Call today to learn more!

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